Even though he's no longer earning the steady $200,000 annual salary of a D.C. mayor, don't expect Adrian Fenty to have to start pinching pennies anytime soon.

The recently deposed mayor has landed himself a second job since leaving office on Jan. 2. First, he joined a company as a speaker-for-hire on education reform. Thursday morning, the Philadelphia-based conusulting and accounting firm Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP announced it has hired Fenty as an outside advisor.

According to a press release from the firm, Fenty will draw on his "extensive government and political network and administrative abilities" to "help further develop the firm's preeminent position in class action litigation support services, as well as health care industry consulting and forensic accounting services."

That's a mouthful. What will he really do?

Well, the firm says, "he brings unique experience in dealing with all branches of the Federal government." Translation: Fenty knows a lot of people at the federal level (he even has former employees who are working in the Obama administration).