Its not just Democrats that are using the Arizona shootings, an irrational action by a madman that no security team could completely prevent., as an excuse to propose ways to limit American’s freedom, Republican Rep. King has added his voice.

 He wants to selectively over-turn the Second Amendment and ban anyone from having a weapon within 1000 feet of  certain Federal officials.  Politico reports on this presumptive proposal by the gun-hating Republican.

 ““It is imperative that we do all that we can to give law enforcement the tools they need to ensure the safety of New Yorkers and prevent an attack before it happens,” said King, who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, during a press conference in New York.”

 Even the not normally pro-gun Gawker has some quibbles with his proposal. It's a rare day when Gawker and the NRA agree on an issue.

 “But his plan to introduce this 1,000-feet perimeter bill — which King's office hasn't confirmed yet — sounds very... arbitrary. How would it ever be enforced? And wouldn't King, who isn't that pro-gun control ultimately, label this a terrible violation of the Constitution if it applied to non-Peter Kings? Just keep a cop or two nearby when you do street-corner sessions from now on.”

 In fact Rep. King is drawing the wrong conclusion from the episode. Not only is it wrong and probably unconstitutional an idea, but it denies members of the public protection. Surely its unreasonable to expect all those citizens within 1000 feet of Federal official to be placed at risk of attack as long as they remain in that location. The fact that the Federal official’s security will be beefed up will make it more likely for an attacker to hit citizens to make a point.

 What a brave Representative should propose is that all those Senators and Representatives who wish should be given concealed carry training so they can be armed. Federal judges could participate in the program as well.

 What better way to help the hard-pressed security officials than to have all members trained and armed to aide in their own defense? This would allow members to appreciate the training that those seeking to protect themselves undergo to become licensed to carry.

 Having Congress and Senators armed would be a good way of keeping security costs down and give them a new appreciation of the 2nd amendment. They could understand the joys of releasing your inner angst by filling paper cutouts with holes as they practice their aim. Those who did not chose to partake would be informed of the risks which they were taking. 

 The question is there a Republican in Congress with courage to propose such a thing?

 Citizens should not be disarmed for the protection of our leaders, our leaders should be armed for their own protection.