Donald Trump filed his Personal Financial Disclosure form with the Federal Election Commission, the FEC confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

While the FEC has yet to release the actual documents submitted by Trump, "The Donald" has already been outspoken about what his filing will show.

"Mr. Trump's net worth is in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS," a statement from Trump's press shop said. "Mr. Trump's income for the year 2014, as reported in the PFD statement, is $362 million dollars (which does not include dividends, interest, capital gains, rents and royalties)."

Despite the treasure he has amassed and his habit of talking about his bottom line to the press, Trump is collecting cash from the general public to support his campaign. During his formal presidential campaign announcement last month, Trump said, "I'm not using donors, I don't care, I'm really rich."

But his campaign manager confirmed to the Washington Examiner that the campaign began collecting donations soon after his announcement. And a super PAC using Trump's slogan as its name, "Make America Great Again," was set up last week with the intention of supporting Trump.

Trump issued a statement to accompany the release of his financial information. He said:

First people said I would never run, and I did. Then, they said, I would never file my statement of candidacy with the FEC, and I did. Next, they said I would never file my personal financial disclosure forms. I filed them early despite the fact that I am allowed two 45 days extensions. Now I have surged in the polls and am fighting to Make America Great Again. I look forward to the challenge of winning the presidency and doing a fantastic job for our country. I will make the United States rich and strong and respected again, but also a country with a 'big heart' toward the care of our people.

Trump will take his "big heart" to the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa later this week, and planned to meet with fellow presidential candidate Ted Cruz Wednesday. Trump decided to take the meeting with Cruz without understanding its purpose, he told MSNBC.