Country music singer Dolly Parton thinks the 2016 election is "the greatest show on television right now," and not necessarily in a good way.

Parton said she thinks the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are "nuts," and compared their battle for the White House to the O.J. Simpson murder trial that gripped the nation in the mid-1990s.

"It's like watching the O.J. Simpson trial. You just believe whoever's up next. Whoever testified last is who you believe," Parton said in an interview published by CNN Friday.

While the election has recently spiraled into a back-and-forth of insults and conspiracies theories between Trump and Clinton, Parton said she wishes the focus would come off the candidates themselves and back to what the issues the country really needs to address.

"Let's talk about what we really need, taking care of us. I think people just want to have a feeling of security. It's just like political terrorism right now, they got us all scared to death about everything," Parton said.

Though she hasn't revealed who she is voting for in November, Parton did say the U.S. has come "a long way" because a woman now has a good chance of becoming president.