There was something incredibly comforting to Jann Klose about filming the video for his latest song "Doing Time" in New York.

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Perhaps that's because of the restless dynamic of the city or even of those who produced the video but Klose is convinced it's perhaps the best video interpretation of the song that could be created. "It just connects with the songs and the lyrics," he said. "It's all about being lost in this cycle that repeats itself and you just can't get out of it; you're doing the same thing over and over ... and it feels very disconnected to the outside world. Even though you live and breathe, you don't feel connected to the world."

Some might say that sounds like the perfect description of a traveling musician who often visits hundreds of different cities each year. But the meaning of the song -- from Klose's last album "Reverie" -- also has a personal meaning to many including the songwriter.

The German-born Jann Klose lived Nairobi, Kenya, and Johannesburg, South Africa, when he was a young boy. Arriving in New York several years ago gave him the first real feeling of home he'd had in years.

"The first time I came there was in 1996 after I left Germany and had lived in Cleveland for four years. I walked out of the train, came up the steps and saw it and said I had to live there one day," he said. "It's not just the fact that everyone and everything is there, it's that it was the first place I felt normal. I grew up in so many places that having people from so many cultures around [was very soothing]."

Recording the video in New York gave him such a kinship with the video team and reconnected him in such a strong way with his last album that he decided to offer more of the songs written for it to his fans in the form of a digital EP with songs "This Sacrifice" and "Waiting For the Wave." The EP is on sale through various outlets and available for free digital download to fans.

"Both tunes we really loved," Klose said of the feelings he and his band shared. "We had stopped playing them to focus on [the songs on the album] and when we made the video I said 'Let's put these out. These are good and let's give the fans something extra, keep the music flowing.'"

In addition Klose, who has not only gained a significant reputation as a recording artist but has performed in Broadway touring companies for a host of productions including "Tommy" is playing select dates.

"In 2008 and 2009 I played more than 200 shows," he said. "The first part of this year was slower. I had planned it that way to do the video and [regroup]. Now I'm back, starting a new album and working on some other projects I can't really talk about yet. This is going to be a really good year."