In the wake of Dave Weigel's resignation from the Washington Post over leaked emails from Journolist, a list serv for influential liberal journalists, Andrew Breitbart made some headlines by offering $100,000 for the Journolist archives. Well, he just sent out this cryptic tweet:

Whereby I formally rescind my $100k Journolist reward & wish Spencer Ackerman the very best in whatever profession he now chooses to enter.

Foreign policy reporter blogger Spencer Ackerman has a reputation for being a something of a hot head. From his wikipedia entry:

In October 2006 he was fired by The New Republic Editor Franklin Foer. Describing it as a "painful" decision, Foer attributed the firing to Ackerman's "insubordination": disparaging the magazine on his personal blog Too Hot For TNR, saying that he would "skull[expletive]" a terrorist's corpse at an editorial meeting if that was required to "establish his anti-terrorist bona fides" and sending Foer an e-mail where he said—in what according to Ackerman was intended to be a joke—he would “make a niche in your skull” with a baseball bat.

If anyone were to say career damaging things on Journolist, Ackerman is a very likely suspect. Something tells me that I'll be checking Breitbart's site first thing in the morning...