Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile wrote that African-Americans can't take Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's appeals for racial harmony seriously because he doesn't have a "racial justice" campaign website like his opponent Hillary Clinton.

"Trump should just take a look at the page of [Hillary Clinton's] campaign website devoted exclusively to issues of racial justice. Compare it to his own campaign's web page for racial justice. Oops ... Trump doesn't seem to have a webpage devoted to racial justice," wrote the longtime Clinton friend and political supporter in a USA Today op-ed published on Wednesday.

"That's because the hallmark of his candidacy has been incendiary statements designed to divide America and demonize minority communities, from his deplorable birtherism to his 'law and order' rhetoric."

Hillary Clinton's "racial justice" page includes promises to "fight against environmental injustice," end "violence against the transgender community," pursue gun control and double investments in Early Head Start.

Donald Trump recently called upon African-Americans to join the Republican Party after pointing out how much their "communities have suffered under Democratic control," before claiming during a later campaign stop he could "guarantee" 95 percent of the African-American electorate would vote for him in four years.

Brazile responded in the piece that black voters would lose a "a tried and tested relationship with a party that has welcomed African-Americans."

"The Republican Party would have been the natural home of black voters, but it was the GOP that turned away from us," stated Brazile, arguing "Trump's own words and deeds have made him a singularly unqualified messenger of any sort of reconciliation."

Brazile questioned how many African-Americans Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump actually knows before arguing his claims he can win over the majority of that voting block as "delusional."

"I don't know how many black people Donald Trump knows, has employed, befriended, or crowned champion on 'The Apprentice.' That's not the issue here. His claims that the Democratic Party has failed African-Americans are every bit as wrong as his delusional claims that he can win 95 percent of the African-American vote. He is polling at 1 percent among black voters for a reason," wrote Brazile.