Happening in Las Vegas right now is the the annual lefty blogger confab know as the Netroots Nation conference. Fortunately, American Spectator’s Phil Klein has been covering the conference. Klein files this report from a speech given by Van Jones, Obama’s former “green jobs czar” who was forced out after the public became aware he was a former communist and 9/11 truther, at the conference:

During his speech, Jones said that he threw himself a long “pity party” after his exit from the administration, but compared his own struggle to the larger state of the nation. He made the case for investing in new energy technologies, and dismissed concerns about the deficit. “There’s plenty of money out there, the only question is how to spend it,” Jones said. In an onstage Q&A following the speech the Nation’s Ari Melber said that the only reason Jones was targeted was that he was black and progressive. Melber also told Jones, “You’re popular here because you get stuff done, but also because you’re cool.”

Klein also provides video from Van Jones’ speech at the link. Unfortunately, you’ll have to supply your own airsickness bag, should you choose to watch it.