Disabled veterans who become employees of the federal government will be able to take about two and a half more weeks off work to tend to their medical needs under new regulations the Office of Personnel Management is finalizing Friday.

The move is part of last year's Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act, and will apply to veterans hired on or after Nov. 5.

To qualify, their injuries must have been sustained during service, their Veterans Affairs disability rating must be at least 30 percent, and they cannot have worked in the federal government for at least 90 days prior to their start dates.

They are allowed up to 104 hours of leave during their first year on the job.

"This rule ensures the federal government supports our service members who have sacrificed their own health and well-being to serve our country," OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert stated in a news release. "We want these veterans to have sufficient leave during their first year of federal service in order to take care of any medical issues related to their service-connected disability."