Paul Manafort, who serves as Donald Trump's campaign chairman, labeled the past seven days as an "improving week."

Trump saw his poll numbers nosedive, with new Fox News and McClatchy polls showing Clinton leading by 10-15 points, respectively. He also continued to feud with a Gold Star family and engage in squabbles with other Republicans.

Earlier in the interview, Manafort said that despite the media's characterization, the party is united behind Trump. He said this after being presented with comments from House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier this week, who called the past week a "strange run" for Trump due to his inability to keep focused on Hillary Clinton.

"The Republican Party is united. Do we agree on everything? No," Manafort said. "Mr. Trump is an outsider. He hasn't been part of the political system, so his relationships with the leadership of the party are not as deep and long as it traditionally would be with the Republican nominee. But that's not to say he doesn't have good relations.

"We're working very strongly with Reince Priebus and the RNC and with the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate," Manafort continued. "I think you'll see a coming together of both Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump in the course of this campaign because they all agree on one thing: We need a Republican president and a Republican Congress, and then we'll make the changes that America needs."

Manafort also pushed back on the idea that he hasn't focused on Clinton in recent days, arguing that the campaign has for the past couple of days.