Despite protests from environmentalists, official concerns at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and a June 11 order from Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen that BP "limit" its use of chemical disperants in the Gulf Oil Spill, the government's own daily reports show not much has changed.

Blogger Charles Simmons looked at the data supplied by Allen's Unified Incident Command and found that a quarter of all the disperant that has been used since the Gulf Oil Spill began has been applied since June 11:

"Analysis of the data available on the UIC website suggests little or no change in the use of dispersants on the surface oil slick. 25% of the dispersant used on the surface has been applied since the June 11 announcement that their use would be limited," Simmons said.

"In the 23 days since June 11, BP has used 260,000 gallons of dispersant on the surface, an average of 11,300 gallons per day. In the period between April 20 and June 11, the dispersants were applied to the surface at an average rate of 15,400 gallons per day."

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