The Democratic National Committee is selling a "GOP debate watch party pack" for $40, which includes cups, stickers and bingo cards designed to mock the Republican candidates.

"The first GOP debate is Aug. 6 and we already have a pretty good idea of what the Republican candidates will say, so we made a bingo game!" the DNC says on its website.

The stickers and cups say "I survived the 2016 GOP debates." On the bingo cards are phrases or references that make fun of what Democrats imagine the Republican candidates might say in the first debate.

"Your candidate invokes Ronald Reagan," one square says. "Your candidate compares Obamacare to an actual tragedy," says another. A third says, "Your candidate wants to overturn Roe v. Wade."

The "rules" for the game also take a jab at Republicans. Bingo usually requires people to get five boxes in a row, but the Bingo card says under GOP rules, men will have it easier. "Men only need to collect 4 boxes in a row to win — women will need to work a little harder for the same outcome," one rule says.

The DNC has yet to finalize any of the details for its own presidential primary debates. Asked why the DNC is preparing for the Republican debate when Democrats have not finalized their own debate schedule yet, a spokeswoman told the Washington Examiner media desk, "Stay tuned!"