Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi blasted Republicans Wednesday for "abandoning" previous plans to investigate the 2012 terror attack in favor of attacking Hillary Clinton.

In a letter to Chairman Trey Gowdy, the committee's five Democrats questioned why the 11 hearings Republicans planned to hold between January and October had failed to materialize.

"Republicans have completely abandoned this plan — holding no hearings at all since January and instead focusing on former Secretary Hillary Clinton. Amazingly, the last eight press releases on the Select Committee's webpage deal entirely with Secretary Clinton," the minority said Wednesday.

According to a published outline of the committee's previous schedule, Republicans once planned to question former Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice this month.

Rice faced widespread criticism after she appeared on several political talk shows to promote a set of talking points that blamed the Benghazi attack on a spontaneous reaction to a video clip, an explanation that was later proven false.

Other scheduled hearings included interviews of State Department eyewitnesses and appearances by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morrell.

But the Democrats noted the select committee had held only one hearing since January that simply examined the status of document production.

"The Select Committee waited an astonishing 11 months before even sending a request for new documents to the Defense Department," the five Democrats wrote in their letter to Gowdy. "The Select Committee did not send its document request until April 8 — the same month the hearing was supposed to be held."

Led by Rep. Elijah Cummings, the committee's top Democrat, the minority members suggested Republicans have "shelved" their investigative work in an effort to launch partisan attacks against Clinton.

Gowdy has long maintained that the select committee's slow pace is the result of the State Department's refusal to respond adequately to congressional document requests.

While the schedule released Wednesday has not been followed, Gowdy did issue a subpoena earlier this year that brought former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal before the committee to testify about his previously undisclosed role in providing Libyan intelligence.

The select committee's efforts have also been hampered by its discovery that Clinton relied on a private email address and server to shield her government communications.