Democrats are probably not happy about today’s top-front Washington Post story on the Democratic House and Senate committees’ fundraising troubles (more on this later). But to rub some salt in the wound, the Republican Governors’ Association sends out the following wise-guy press release to highlight their own fundraising superiority over their Democratic counterpart:

Reporters – In what must have been an oversight, the Democratic Governors Association released their second quarter fundraising numbers late Friday afternoon after much of Washington had already departed for the holiday weekend. In the spirit of bipartisanship, I have copied their press release below for your reference and convenience in case you missed it on Friday. On Thursday, the RGA announced raising $18.9 million in the second quarter, bringing our total for the year to $28 million with $40 million cash on hand. DGA Announces Best-Ever Fundraising for First Six Months

Record-Breaking Fundraising Puts DGA on Historic Path for 2010

The Democratic Governors Association announced today that the committee had its best-ever fundraising for the first six months of the year, bringing in $9.1 million in the second quarter and more than $17 million through June….The DGA goes into the 2010 elections with $22 million cash on hand… “To be honest, given the mass donor exodus from the RNC, we never expected to outraise the RGA. But we have marshaled historic resources to compete aggressively across the map,” said Nathan Daschle, the DGA’s executive director….