Babulal Bera, the father of Sacramento, Calif., Democratic congressman Ami Bera, was sentenced Thursday to 366 days in prison for soliciting illegal donations to his son's campaign.

"The district court gave thorough and thoughtful consideration to the arguments of both parties in imposing sentence," Acting U.S. Attorney Talbert said. "That sentence, which is significant given this defendant's age, sends a clear message that campaign finance crimes are serious offenses that will result in real consequences."

The 83-year-old La Palma, Calif., resident had been charged with making $260,000 in personal campaign contributions and 90 other donations in the name of another person to his son's congressional campaign in 2010 and 2012, according to the Justice Department.

Amerish Babulal "Ami" Bera was sworn into office January 2013, which would make the funds he received for the latter campaign questionable if it was given to him through unlawful means.

Ami Bera has not been charged in any related crimes as evidence does not indicate he was in on the scam.