A Democratic strategist has created a crowdfunding page to raise money for Democratic National Convention speaker Khizr Khan in case he chooses to run for a Virginia House of Delegates seat this election cycle.

Vietnam veteran Tom Keefe set up the Crowdpac.com site on Wednesday. In just over a day, 123 people have donated more than $13,000 to the potential candidate for the 58th District.

"I just thought, this guy might be somebody who could really turn things around for us," Keefe told NBC News.

Khan first gained national fame last week when he told Democratic delegates Republican nominee Donald Trump has not sacrificed like he has because he lost his son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, in Iraq 12 years earlier.

"In this unfortunate climate of misinformation about minorities and immigrants, let's send a message to Donald Trump and his supporters — this is the kind of candidate we want running for office in our country — this is the kind of candidate that we can be proud of. Yes we Khan!" wrote Keefe on the site.

Khan would be the first-ever Muslim-American to hold the delegate seat, currently held by Rep. Robert B. Bell, a Republican.

Donors will not be charged for their gift unless Khan agrees to run for office.