Debbie Wasserman Schultz may have been ousted from her position as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but Democratic voters in her Florida congressional district have decided to keep her around.

Wasserman Schultz defeated liberal law professor Tim Canova in a rematch of sorts from the presidential primaries. Canova was backed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders while Hillary Clinton endorsed Wasserman Schultz.

The presidential race dominated this unexpected spirited contest too. Wasserman Schultz was perceived as biased against Sanders throughout that process, an allegation bolstered by leaked DNC emails that led to the end of her controversial tenure as party chairwoman.

Canova nevertheless outraised her, with $3.3 million pouring into his coffers, much of it from Sanders voters outside the district looking to punish Wasserman Schultz. They viewed the incumbent as too close to Clinton and Wall Street.

It wasn't enough. Sanders ultimately didn't campaign for Canova and some progressives complained that the progressive organization that grew out of the Vermont socialist's presidential campaign failed Canova.

For her part, Wasserman Schultz has held elected office in Florida since she was in her 20s and bolstered her notoriety and influence through the DNC position.