Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Connecticut independent Sen. Joe Lieberman have co-introduced a bill to revive the District's school voucher program.

The controversial program, which provides cash for public school students to attend private schools, was allowed to expire by the Democratic Congress. But now that Republicans are back in charge of the House, they're pushing to revive it.

The Boehner-Lieberman plan would give $8,000 to elementary school students and $12,000 to high school students, a significant increase from the $7,500 program that started with the support of former Mayor Anthony Williams.

Current Mayor Vince Gray has said he doesn't support vouchers, and on Wednesday he said Congress should stay out of District affairs.

"The issue ought to be decided by the people of the District of Columbia," Gray said. "I hope the speaker will give us the opportunity to express our views and our desire."

The revival of the voucher program could put Gray at odds with Council Chariman Kwame Brown, who has said he favors any opportunity to provide the District's parents with a choice in their childrens' education.