National Harbor, MD - Washington Examiner Local Zone blog caught up with DC’s Republican National Committeewoman Betsy Werronen outside the hall at the RNC chairman election.

 Like other U.S. terrorities, the District’s GOP had been wooed by Steele, and stayed loyal.  Regional loyalties among Republicans in deep blue territory played a role here, too.  Steele was GOP chief of “Ward 9,” aka Prince George’s County, before he was Maryland Lt. Governor.  

Were did she go after Steele dropped out? She wouldn’t say. Did the District’s RNC committeme members caucus with the solidly Steele island territories anytime today, to join their bloc?

Has the DC delegation been united; is it now on the sixth ballot?

“I caucus with Michael,” Werronon smiled.  She wouldn’t confirm that she followed “Michael’s” lead into the Cino camp.