A couple of weeks ago, The Washington Examiner reported that the D.C. police department said it wasn’t going to intervene in ongoing protests by women who want to pray alongside the men at D.C.’s Islamic Center.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier apparently has changed her mind.

Her spokeswoman, Gwen Crump, now says in an e-mail that officers, when called to intervene, will escort protesters out of the mosque, “consistent with the policies of the Metropolitan Police Department and proper under local and federal law and the Constitution of the United States of America.”

“In this case, the person lawfully in charge of the property requested assistance to ensure that persons wishing to engage in protected First Amendment activity (i.e., worshiping in accordance with their beliefs), were free to do so without interference from others.”

Ms. Crump also says that The Examiner’s piece on the mosque was “not accurate.” Posted below is the email that were referenced for the story.


Protest organizer Fatima Thompson is singularly unimpressed with the flip-flop, but says she is undaunted: she and “the sisters” are planning a protest as we speak.