It was a horrible tragedy, but it brought D.C.'s nightclub community together. On Friday morning, two bouncers, Milos Millicevic and Radovan Vulikic of Rockville, were killed in a car accident on Canal Road in Northwest. Millicevic lost control of his 2001 Jaguar and it collided with a 2007 Ford pickup. The fatal accident occurred as the men were returning home from work; icy roads may have been a factor in the crash, according to WTOP. The two were known as the faces of two popular Washington nightclubs. Vulikic worked at Josephine, while Millicevic worked at Fly Lounge. "It was a shock and they were really loved and they were two of the nicest guys in the nightlife community," club promoter and Glittarazzi blogger Kelly Ann Collins told Yeas & Nays.

Once word of the accident spread, friends of the duo discovered that they had been sending money back to their home country of Serbia to support their families and that it would cost a pretty penny for their remains to be sent across the Atlantic. Collins took to her blog while others created Facebook pages and used social media to raise funds. "When we heard it would take $15,000 per person to transport the bodies, prepare the deceased bodies for travel, put them in appropriate caskets, pay international fees, etc., we had no idea how enough money could be raised in time," Collins said. "Thank God the community was able to come together -- thank goodness for word of mouth, social media and viral marketing. Twitter, Facebook, mailing lists, foursquare and blogs were used to get the word out."

And it worked. By Wednesday, even before a scheduled fundraiser for Vulikic at Cafe Paradiso, roughly $45,000 had been raised. Millicevic's sister will use the money to have her parents flown here for a ceremony in Washington, while Vulikic's family will use the proceeds to fly him home for a funeral in Serbia.