Attention single ladies -- if you haven't heard the news, here it is: Washington's 'Bachelor' is gone.

Andy Baldwin, who appeared on "The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman" in 2007 and lived in D.C. for the past two years, relocated to San Diego last month.

Baldwin recently started a new job at the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital in its family medicine residency program.

"I definitely miss D.C.; I miss my friends," he told Yeas & Nays.

But he's been keeping himself busy: Baldwin, a medical doctor, has already delivered 10 babies.

Being back in a hospital setting has made him want to encourage budding doctors to become primary care physicians.

"I really want to raise awareness of the importance of family physicians and how important they will be now and in the future," he said.

And how might he do that? Perhaps he'll use his TV skills.

"Sanjay [Gupta] is getting up there in age," he joked. "I've got the doctor skill set and I have the TV media skill set now too, so there's got to be a good way to combine those two for the well-being and the best health of the people of our nation and in the world."