Wyoming said what? (ap photo)

Someone better tell the kids over at Capital Land! A new Gallup poll found President Obama beloved in DC, where residents give him an 85 percent approval rating, and not so much in Wyoming, Utah and West Virginia, where he's at 29 percent, 34 percent and 34 percent. Ouch!

Wyoming, that's where Dick Cheney is from, right? Alaska doesn't care much for Obama, either -- residents there give him a 38 percent approval rating. Hawaii, his original home state (sorry, birthers!) was second in the love to DC, with 68 percent. Delaware also gives Obama the okeedoke, at 62 percent.

Of course, among the overeducated, artisanal fromage-nibbling elites of the greater Northeast, New Hampshire stands alone in frowny, stoic, Puritanical displeasure at the Obama presidency, stonily granting it only a 41 percent approval rating. Harumphies! Beltway's home state of Massachusetts (Hi, Senator Brown!) lurves Obama at a rate of 56 percent.

Says Gallup:

In general, Obama's greatest support is concentrated in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including his current home (District of Columbia), but his past homes (Illinois and Hawaii) also rank among the top 10. Many of his lower approval ratings come from Mountain West and Southern states. New Hampshire stands apart from its Northeastern neighbors in giving Obama one of his lowest state job approval ratings.

Obama's overall approval rating is currently 48 percent, according to Gallup's daily tracking.