The District's Republican party has offerred to lend a hand to D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton in her ongoing fight to win the city voting rights in Congress.

 The city's GOP is doing this now for two reasons.

One, they believe Republicans might be able to use the occasions to create inroads with their fellow party members who now control the House. Two, this is a key point Republican candidate for the at-large council seat Pat Mara hopes to make on the campaign trail. It's the kind of thing that could help give Mara a boost come April and it's why he's counted among the main candidates in the race.

Mara co-signed a letter to Norton as one of the party's local executive committee members, saying "We encourage you to work with the new Republican Congress... We would be happy to meet with you and freshman Republican Members of Congress on Capitol Hill in support of DC voting Rights."

Really, though, the discussion would be about restoring the city's school voucher programs and Mara would like to slip in D.C voting rights, he and D.C. Republican Committee Chairman Bob Kabel wrote. 

"We feel strongly that Republicans may be receptive to discussions regarding restoring the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship, and [that] D.C. Voting Rights should be included," the letter says.

House Speaker John Boehner plans to introduce legislation Wednesday to restore the city's voucher program.

This is all part of Mara's platform as he positions himself as an education reformer who can serve as the pointman for the city's discussions with the Republican House.

"I'm the only candidate who can create a multi-party system in D.C.," Mara recently told The Washington Examiner. "I can also talk to Republicans on the Hill. I'd have more standing with them."