Not so silently judging you: Perino, back in the day (white house photo)

The latest entrant into the Dem Family Feud sound-off is Miss Dana Perino, lately of Burson-Marsteller, more recently an adjunct professor at GWU -- but best known for her work behind the podium for former President George W. Bush.

In Politico's "Arena," a feature we enjoy but don't really get, Perino says the Democrats are fighting with each other because they have nothing better to talk about.

If they had results to point to that people believed, they wouldn't be having this spat. They'd be riding high on their accomplishments, proud of what they'd achieved, and able to let the good news flow from the facts. Instead, the strategy of blaming the previous administration for everything has worn thin and leaves them looking like bitter, angry and ineffective leaders.

Perino adds that "while the squabble is fun to watch," it's getting dangerously close to the election season and probably won't get much better before it's over. Also, an ominous warning:

And remember, we're heading in August - the month when everyone wants to take a vacation and something big always happens...and nobody knows what it is yet.

good point!