Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli applauded Judge Roger Vinson’s Monday ruling that President Obama's health care law is unconstitutional, declaring that "liberty has scored another victory today."

Cuccinelli, who is pursuing his own lawsuit against the federal government over the health care law, said he was “heartened” by the fact that another federal judge found the provision requiring most individuals to eventually purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. Vinson ruled in a multi-state suit brought in Florida court.

“Constitutional principles have scored another victory today,” Cuccinelli said.

In Virginia's case, Judge Henry Hudson ruled in December that the so-called "individual mandate" to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. Vinson, unlike Hudson, said that if the mandate falls, the entire law should be nullified.

Gov. Bob McDonnell also issued a statement praising the ruling, and reiterated his request that the Department of Justice fast-track the case straight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A federal appellate court recently expedited the Virginia case, with hearings tentatively scheduled for May.