Texas Sen. Ted Cruz hesitantly predicted a victory in Wisconsin on Tuesday night, but said the result would depend on conservative voter turnout.

"I hope so," Cruz told radio host Charlie Sykes when asked if he thinks he would win. "I believe that we're going to win tonight. I think the signs are encouraging, but it really depends, Charlie, on your listeners, on your listeners coming out tonight. Coming out today and voting."

Sykes told Cruz he thought the senator's only chance of losing would come if Ohio Gov. John Kasich functioned as a spoiler, and asked if Cruz wanted Kasich out.

"Well, I think that any candidate that doesn't have a path to winning, then that's the time you should suspend your campaign, and at this point Kasich has been mathematically eliminated," Cruz responded. "He needs more than a 100 percent of the delegates to be the nominee. That's obviously impossible."

The Texas senator argued that a vote for Kasich functions as a vote for Donald Trump in Tuesday's primary, a claim he attributed to 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Cruz has previously said results of the Wisconsin primary would alter the course of the primary, and likely views the Badger State as key to his nominating strategy moving forward.