Crossroads GPS, the 501c4 co-founded by Karl Rove, released four new TV ads today that will begin airing in Florida, Montana, New Mexico, and Ohio. Crossroads claims $4.2 million will be spent on the buy.

Crossroads has spent millions in Missouri attacking Sen. Claire McCaskill, R-Mo., but after her opponent, Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., made comments about “legitimate rape” Crossroads urged Akin to get out of the race and promised not to waste any more resources on the state if he stayed in. “Rep. Akin faces a simple choice: Will he help Democrats hold the McCaskill seat and potentially the Senate majority by staying in the race, or will he help Republicans defeat Barack Obama‘s most reliable ally in the Senate by getting out?” Crossroads President Steven Law said Monday.

The Florida ad, titled “Suffered, “ can be viewed here.

The Montana ad, titled “Get Up,” can be viewed here.

The New Mexico ad, titled “More Martin Spending,“ can be viewed here.

The Ohio ad, titled “Channel,” can be viewed here.