Hey, ladies! An earlier, pre-presidential appearance    (ap photo)

President Obama is going to New Jersey this week for remarks on the economy, with a little detour to NYC for a DNC fundraiser and a taping of "The View." It's his third appearance on the show, but the first of any sitting president -- on any daytime talk show. 

From the ABC release:

President Obama’s interview, scheduled to tape on Wednesday, July 28th, will touch on topics including his administration's accomplishments, jobs, the economy, the Gulf oil spill, and family life inside the White House.

Sigh. Really? Is daytime talk a realm that really needed conquering by a U.S. president? Yes, the president should be seen, and certainly "The View" has its moments -- they do try to be topical. But this feels like a potentially high ick-factor scenario.

Among other things, it's very pandering, and there's a great potential for embarrassment, on all sides. Are they going to tell him how handsome he is and then Elizabeth Hasselbeck launches into him on national security?

Time ventures a preview:

Well, if it's anything like his last appearance he can look forward to a little bit of joking and a little bit of flirting—Barbara Walters herself told Obama that he was “sexy.”

Why is this so bothersome? One thing that grates is how overtly dismissive and impatient Obama is with things he considers trivial and not substantive (see: White House press corps) and yet -- "The View"? It also is rather baldly an election year gambit to remind people why they like him personally. This just feels so...diminishing.

Show tapes Wednesday, airs on Thursday.