On this day, Aug. 17, in 1980, in Australia, a 2-month-old baby disappeared during a family camping trip, likely dragged away by a wild dog, in a case that made global headlines.

The infant girl, Azaria, was never found, and her mother was convicted in 1982 of her murder in the most publicized trial in Australian history.

The mother, Lindy Chamberlain, insisted she saw a dingo -- a wild dog unique to the continent of Australia -- slinking from the tent where Azaria was sleeping.

Chamberlain was exonerated in 1986, after Azaria's missing jacket was found near a dingo lair.

"A Cry in the Dark," starring Meryl Streep, was based on the case. In June of this year, a fourth coroner inquest ruled that a dingo took Azaria from a campsite and caused her death.

- Scott McCabe