Washington's resident water lover, Philippe Cousteau (yes, he's the grandson of that famous Cousteau) was exported to Hollywood on Thursday to teach actress Alyssa Milano and musician Jason Mraz a thing or two about the Gulf oil spill.

The District-based group, the Artists and Athletes Alliance, shipped Cousteau to Los Angeles so he could talk about the environmental effects at a private Hollywood briefing.

"Philippe offered his unique insight into the disaster and suggested ways for members of the entertainment community to assist with the recovery efforts," said Steve Ross, executive director of the Artists and Athletes Alliance.

On the guest list: Milano, Mraz, Angela Kinsey from "The Office" and Jorja Fox, David Berman and Eric Szmanda of "CSI," among others.

Cousteau heads the nonprofit organization EarthEcho International and lives in the Washington area. He has visited the Gulf region since the oil spill began.