Donald Trump's recent exchange with MSNBC's Chris Matthews about punishing women who receive abortions was "fabulous," conservative pundit Ann Coulter said Tuesday.

"Donald Trump hasn't spent 30 seconds thinking about abortion before he was asked by Chris Matthews," Wisconsin-based radio host Charlie Sykes told Coulter during an interview Tuesday morning.

"No, I think that's crazy," she responded. "I thought the full exchange was fabulous."

Coulter continued, "It was a stupid hypothetical question [that] has absolutely no bearing on what a president does. It's like asking a president, 'If you were a tree, what tree would you be?'"

The outspoken conservative author, who endorsed Trump's presidential bid last August, also claimed Trump's abortion gaffe was overblown by the media. The billionaire's comments about implementing "some form of punishment" against women who receive abortions upset pro-life and pro-choice activists, alike.

"Any misstep by Trump is blown up even if it was completely nothing, as that abortion exchange was," Coulter claimed. "Trump is not running to be a state legislator in the year 2060."

"He's running to be president of the United States," Sykes interjected.

Despite the unprecedented amount of free air time Trump has received this election cycle, Coulter argued that no previous or current presidential candidate "has been so consistently attacked by the media" as she claims Trump has.

"Fox News is absolutely not helping him," she said. "This alleged free media has been free attack ads about him."

"Right now, on the biggest issues and the issues that the media is so ferociously opposed to, they really don't care about Americans first," she added. "And Donald Trump does in way after way after way."