One Republican senator is charging that Hillary Clinton had a private email server in order to hide her continued work with the Clinton Global Initiative while she worked for the federal government.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., made the accusations on Fox News' "Fox and Friends" Thursday morning, citing the new emails obtained by Judicial Watch showing the Clinton Foundation and the State Department show sometimes overlapping interests while Clinton was in charge of the State Department.

These interactions are a violation of "at least the spirit, if not the letter" of the pledge Clinton signed when she became secretary of state, Cotton said.

"I've long said that I don't think the email controversy and the Clinton Foundation controversy are separate controversies. I think they're the same," Cotton explained, adding, "I think one of the main reasons she set up the secure server was because she wanted to continue to conduct Clinton Foundation business. A lot of them had business in the State Department and they got that business completed."

Cotton also expressed frustration over the FBI's decision not to investigate the Clinton Global Initiative's ties to the State Department. The FBI had wanted to, but then declined to do so due to instruction by Attorney General Loretta Lynch not to.

"I can't say I have a lot of confidence in Attorney General Lynch right now," he remarked. "It feels like Attorney General Lynch is deferring to the FBI when she thinks they're not going to pursue the Clintons. But in this Clinton foundation matter, she's overruling when she's afraid they may pursue the Clinton foundation."