When jewelry goes missing from your house, it's natural to suspect Lindsay Lohan. Especially when she was there at the time of the theft.

E! News reports that the "Liz & Dick" star has been questioned by police in connection with an alleged burglary. Apparently, the owners of the home she was in discovered some of their items had vanished during an all-night house party.

Though Lindsay is not a formal suspect, she is currently on probation for a 2011 necklace theft.

According to TMZ, Lindsay was invited to the house party at the Hollywood Hills mansion and she brought her little brother, Cody, and two men as her guests.

Before Linds left the bash the next day, the owners noticed that several expensive watches and some sunglasses were missing.

According to the gossip site, when cops tried asking Lindsay questions, she blew them off and left.

The owners of the house told police they believe the two men who accompanied the starlet to the party are the ones who lifted the items.

The case is currently under investigation.

Still no answers

When "Top Gun" director Tony Scott died Sunday after jumping from a bridge in Los Angeles, an ABC News source claimed he had inoperable brain cancer.

Now, Tony's loved ones are saying he did not have any kind of fatal disease.

"The family told us it is incorrect that he has inoperable brain cancer," Chief Coroner Inspector Craig Harvey told the Los Angeles Times.

An autopsy was performed on Monday, but the Los Angeles Coroner's Office said a final cause of death will not be available until toxicology and other test results are completed in the next several weeks.

Adding to speculation of why Tony, 68, committed suicide is his friend and former colleague Julian Bray, who suggested to NBC News that the director may have been depressed at the time of his death.