Hillary Clinton has proved through her latest criticism of Donald Trump that she has "no hope, no vision and no ideas" for the U.S., the Republican presidential nominee's campaign manager said Thursday.

Clinton delivered a blistering speech during a campaign stop in Reno, Nev., charging Trump with building his campaign "on prejudice and paranoia" and attracting supporters who subscribe to wild conspiracy theories and exercise racism.

Trump campaign chief Kellyanne Conway fired back shortly after Clinton concluded her remarks, suggesting the only thing the former secretary of state ever talks about is her Republican opponent.

"Clinton lied about her emails, she lied about Colin Powell, and today she lied about Donald Trump," Conway said in a statement issued by the campaign. "Donald Trump is talking about issues; Hillary Clinton is talking about Donald Trump."

She continued, "Today, as [Clinton] took a break from her Hillary-in-Hiding Tour, she missed another opportunity to talk about education, infrastructure, terrorism, healthcare, the economy and energy."

"We're living in her head rent-free, and that must terrify the political insiders who want to keep things exactly the way they are," Conway suggested.

The veteran Republican pollster, who was promoted to the role of campaign manager last week, has been encouraging Trump to keep his focus on Clinton and avoid veering off-script.

Trump did just that during his own rally on Thursday, where he issued a preemptive rebuttal of Clinton's "disgusting" attacks and shamed her for trying to "smear" him and his supporters as racist.

"When Democratic policies fail, they're left with one argument: 'You're racist. You're racist. You're racist,'" Trump told a crowd in Manchester, N.H. "It's the same old disgusting argument and it's so totally predictable."