The Senate is scheduled to begin debate on a reauthorization bill for the Federal Aviation Administration Tuesday that has sparked anger among dozens of conservative groups for its inclusion of renewable energy tax extenders.

Americans for Prosperity is leading the charge with dozens of other groups, increasing its lobbying this week to get lawmakers to oppose the tax subsidies as unnecessary and an affront to the free market. "We urge you to vote NO on FAA re-authorization if subsidies for renewable energies are included," a letter sent to senators Monday afternoon reads. "Americans for Prosperity will include this vote in our congressional scorecard." The Senate will continue consideration and debate on the bill through the evening, with a vote expected later in the week.

"This legislation contains green energy tax credits that are completely unrelated to FAA re-authorization," the letter adds. "The $1.4 billion in expiring tax provisions for renewable energies — pertaining to wind power, geothermal heat pumps, fuel cell facilities and combined heat and power properties — are a distortion of the tax laws for special interests in the renewable energy industry."These types of handouts have consistently failed to deliver on their promises of long term job creation and economic viability, and they follow the $24 billion in tax credits to wind and solar energy industries that Congress extended just four months ago."The conservative groups are asking to urge their senators to cut "Green Pork," in a separate campaign that features a logo of a flying green pig.