Kathleen Parker, conservative columnist for the Washington Post, once suffered trauma to her brain and she thinks Donald Trump may have, too.

In an op-ed for the Post over the weekend, Parker said the symptoms she had after falling down a flight of stairs and hitting her head are similar to some aspects of the Republican nominee's personality.

"The brain is a mysterious place," she wrote. "Trump's seems especially so — unless he is simply displaying signs not of brain injury, necessarily, but of atrophy associated with aging. If so, then this would help explain his impulsiveness, his inappropriate language, his quick temper and a 'mean' streak."

Parker's column comes after Charles Krauthammer, also a conservative writer and a licensed psychiatrist, wrote last week that he found Trump to be "unusual" and that he displays behavior "beyond narcissism."

In recent weeks, Trump's campaign was engulfed in a series of controversies involving the candidate, such as his suggestion that Russian cyberhackers reveal any information they have on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, or his back-and-forth last week with the parent of a fallen soldier who has been critical of Trump's campaign.

In December, Trump released a letter from his physician that said the celebrity businessman could become the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

It was reported in 2012 that Clinton, however, actually did suffer a concussion after fainting from dehydration.