The conservative group that started an effort to hold environmentalists to account during the 2016 campaign is branching out into the Texas energy debate.

AR Squared, the policy arm of America Rising, announced Wednesday it will start Core News Texas after Labor Day. The website will be a branch of the group's already existing Core News and will aim to influence the daily energy debate in Texas.

"The Environmentalist Left has declared war on Texas energy and we intend to expose how their radical agenda threatens the foundation of the state's economy," said Brian Rogers, executive director of AR Squared. "These aren't simply concerned citizens, but a well-funded, highly organized and coordinated effort with out-of-state liberal activist groups working to shut down fossil fuel production across the state.

"Through Core News Texas, we will use research expertise to shine a bright light on these groups' activities in Texas and make sure Texans are aware of the Environmentalist Left's true objectives, funding sources and agenda, which would devastate the state."

Since launching earlier this year, AR Squared's Core News has released opposition research on activists such as billionaire Tom Steyer and co-founder Bill McKibben. The group even took out ads trying to divide Democrats over Steyer's political donations at the Democratic National Convention.

While the official launch won't come until next week, the first post on the site is already live, pushing back on a study by Earthworks that reported negative health effects from fracking and fossil fuel production in Texas.