Members of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security this morning questioned a Transportation Security agency official during a hearing about recent reports of criminal behavior and misconduct from their screeners or employees.

In recent months, TSA agents have been charged with stealing laptops from checked luggage, accepting bribes from drug smugglers, sleeping on the job or drinking while on duty.

Putting up a chart, subcommittee chairman Rep. Mike Rogers R-Ala. pointed out that the process for dismissal at the TSA was inefficient.

“In Americans mind, TSA represents everything wrong with the federal government. Bloated bureaucracy.” Rogers R-AL stated during the hearing  to TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski.

View that chart below: (The Green box, symbolizes the initial accusation against a TSA employee)


“We are trying to streamline it,” Halinski said, acknowledging that the chart was “confusing.”

Halinski explained that TSA has fired some of the workers immediately if there is enough evidence or after concluding a thorough investigation of the allegations.

“If I may add, we have 60,000 employees, sir,” he added, reminding the chair that surveys showed that TSA employees were committed to their mission. “They truly believe – because they’re not the best paid folks in the world sir – that they are there to protect the traveling public.”