TAMPA, Fla. - The baby-blue shirted men of Comedy Central's Indecision 2012 are here, and they are ready to ask the important questions at the Republican National Convention: Does Guam have too much power? And who is that lady in the furry costume asking them to get a book to Mitt Romney?

"She was dressed as a chipmunk," said Jared Logan, one of two comedians conducting a series of man-on-the-street interviews in Tampa for the network. "I want to follow up on that story."

"The idea behind it is just to cover the craziness behind politics," said Jordan Carlos, Logan's other half. "I'm fired up about American politics. I find it fascinating. [This job] gives me a chance to stop screaming about it in the park."

Guam and its role at the convention is of utmost interest to the Indecision boys, who have an interview scheduled with the governor of Guam.

Also of interest: the loss of freedoms, how Republicans party, and finding the "face of the RNC" (which Carlos plans to kiss). Rep. Ron Paul is likely to get a lot of coverage, if only because his supporters kept flocking to the Comedy Central cameras while Logan and Carlos interview folks in downtown Tampa.

"You don't have to go far," Logan said of the Paulites. "They'll find you. You can be in a car with your music going, and they'll tap on the window."

Logan and Carlos are both experienced stand-up comedians and are used to rolling with the weird stuff that can happen live. While a trio of Ron Paul supporters were being interviewed on camera, a pair of gentlemen from the Westboro Baptist Church waltzed into the shot, posters in tow. The camera captured at least a few minutes of "Gays doom nations" propaganda before the Westboro guys were booted from the area by a pair of security guards.