Considering Jon Miller broadcasted Barry Bonds' games in San Francisco for years, he must know a thing or two about cheaters.

And the ex-Orioles broadcaster apparently wants baseball to investigate the Colorado Rockies.

"There's a feeling that the Rockies are doing something with the humidor-stored baseball, and sometimes late in games when the Rockies need help, that some non-humidor baseballs slip into the mix," Miller said on KNBR in San Francisco. "Nobody has been able to prove it. ... But to me it's something that baseball needs to address."

The Rockies use a humidor to prevent baseballs from shrinking, as they would do in the high altitude while stored in a closet. Smaller baseballs can be hit further.

The umpires receive the game balls before the game to rub them down. Maybe Colorado could sneak balls into the bag during a game; it would be very difficult. But there is suspicion, just as there always was with Bonds. Only, in those days, Miller kept quiet.