The D.C. police department's top priority in 2011 is combating youth violence, Chief Cathy Lanier said Tuesday morning on TBD TV.

Lanier said that in 2010, kids 18 years old and younger were responsible for only 6 percent of all crime in the city, but the same age group committed 40 percent of the District's violent crime.

"Youth violence is the biggest struggle that we have," Lanier said. "In 2011 it's our top priority."

The District's juvenile justice agency has repeatedly criticized for its wards being accused of murder. Some critics remain concerned that the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services might be more concerned with teaching yoga to young criminals.

Lanier said Tuesday that reducing youth violence will take collaboration among several city agencies.

"The new administration has assured support for collaboration efforts," Lanier said. The community can help, she said, by providing "information before [a situation] becomes violent so we can work with other agencies."

Mayor Vince Gray has kept Lanier on as police chief in his administration.