Bernie Sanders is still way behind Hillary Clinton in the Democratic delegate count, but now that deficit is smaller by one.

The Colorado Democratic party admitted that Sanders won one more delegate than originally calculated, due to misreporting from 10 precinct locations at the March 1 caucus.

Although Sanders originally won the caucus 54 percent to 45 percent, capturing 38 delegates compared to Clinton's 28, new projections show than Sanders would now win 39 delegates and Clinton would only be awarded 27, upping his margin of victory. Every little bit helps Sanders overcome Clinton's lead.

With the shift in pledged delegate count, even if Clinton wins all of Colorado's superdelegates, the Vermont senator will, at worst, finish with a split decision among the 78 delegates at stake. If Sanders wins one more superdelegate he will win the state's delegation.

The Denver Post reported that the state party found out about the error a week after the caucus but did not initially correct the public record.

According to Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio, the error occurred on caucus night at Byers Middle School in Denver when a volunteer punched the wrong tallies for ten precincts into the party's interactive voice response system.

This update to the Democrats' delegate count comes as the Colorado GOP faces criticism from Donald Trump for their system of awarding national delegates.