Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said Sunday that no Republican leaders tried to talk her out of publicly condemning Donald Trump after she notified them that she intended to do so last week.

"I did let the Republican National Committee know, and I placed a call to [RNC Chairman] Reince Priebus, and I also let the Senate majority leader know and our state party leaders know," Collins told CBS' John Dickerson.

Asked whether any of them urged her to reconsider disavowing the Republican presidential nominee, Collins said they declined to put up a fight.

"I think they understood that this was a decision that I, like many Americans, really struggled with," she said. "It was still a difficult decision for me because I'm a lifelong Republican and I wanted to, and expected to, support our party's nominee."

"But [Trump's] barrage of cruel comments and the attacks on people who are vulnerable and unable to fight back really troubled me," Collins noted.

The Maine Republican also dismissed suggestions that by not voting for Trump, she is actively working to put his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the White House.

"If I were helping to elect Hillary Clinton, I would have endorsed her, I would be working for her and I would be voting for her," Collins said. "I am not doing any of those things."