The Club for Growth appears to view Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker mostly favorably, but expressed some lingering concerns in its newest review of the presidential candidates' economic records. The club is an influential conservative not-for-profit organization that focuses on economic issues and cutting taxes.

"His hard-fought battle against public employee unions was an important, courageous, and victorious fight," said Club for Growth president David McIntosh in a statement. "The Club for Growth's analysis also points out Walker's support for BadgerCare, his early votes for some tax increases, his recent backing of ethanol subsidies and his advocacy for government spending on a sports arena. While these concerns must be weighed, the club expects that, for the most part, Governor Walker would be a pro-growth president."

The organization's "white paper" review of the governor provided more detail about its concerns regarding Walker's record. It noted that Walker's position on economic issues take up space all along the economic spectrum.

"After reviewing Scott Walker's record, especially his recent service as governor, we predict he would govern as president as a pro-growth conservative, for the most part," the paper explained. "His willingness to take on entrenched government interests on behalf of taxpayers bodes well for the future. However, we believe fair concerns remain about his unwillingness, at times, to reduce government largess and the full breadth of its interference in the marketplace."

The paper also noted that "Walker has a mixed record on political speech issues."

"Governor Walker has also supported some questionable bills," the paper noted. "He sponsored a measure to tighten restrictions on political action committees, lowering the percentage of a candidate's total contributions that could come from PACs and capping PAC-to-PAC transfers. Walker sponsored a bill prohibiting political donations from contractors seeking government work. He also sponsored a bill prohibiting campaigns and political groups from accepting any 'political contribution from anyone who owns, operates or manages a casino or race track in any state.'"

The paper also took issue with his "mixed" record on taxation policy, but the club added that, "Walker is to be commended for accomplishments that include reducing state borrowing, cutting taxes, and working hard for school choice."

"His Act 10 legislation was one of the most important and courageous political fights in recent American history," the club concludes in its summation. "Walker's fortitude to wage, let alone win, such a monumental battle should be met with enormous praise by fiscal conservatives."