Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by nearly 50 percentage points among Hispanics nationwide, according to a new survey.

Clinton was the choice of 66 percent of respondents, while just 18 percent chose Trump in a new national survey by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative. That puts her up 48 points, almost double the 26 percent margin she held in May.

Another 15 percent are undecided, the survey found.

Among Hispanic Democrats, Clinton leads 85-6, and Independents and others favor her 55-17. Clinton is also winning the female Hispanic vote, 68-14, as well as male Hispanics, who favor her 64-23.

Trump leads among Hispanic GOP voters, 56-31.

Monica Escaleras, Ph.D., director of the BEPI, said Clinton is near the level of support President Obama received during his 2012 reelection over Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Hispanics voted overwhelmingly for Obama then, 71 percent to 27 percent.

"Clinton has taken some major strides to increase her support among Hispanics," Escaleras said. "Her efforts to win over many who said they were undecided a couple of months ago are paying off."

Clinton has also increased her favorable rating among Hispanics by more than 12 points since May, from 42 to 54 percent. Her unfavorable rating has dropped from 31 to 26 percent.

Trump's favorability rating among Hispanics has gone backward, the survey found. His favorable rating has dropped since May, from 22 to 18 percent, and his unfavorable rating increased from 61 to 68 percent.

"Clinton's support with Hispanics is growing in our polling," said Kevin Wagner, Ph.D., associate professor of political science at FAU and a research fellow of the Initiative. "That makes it increasingly difficult for Trump in battleground states such as Florida or Colorado where Hispanic voters may be the difference."

The poll of 500 Hispanics nationwide was conducted July 1-31, and carries a margin of error of plus or minus 4.33 percentage points.