Hillary Clinton says she's come across a lot of drug addiction on the campaign trail in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Arguing that last year there were more deaths by overdoses than by car accidents, Clinton stated that she wants to improve the lives of those Americans who deal with drug addiction.

"We have to have more education services support better tracking of pills, more opportunities for people to seek treatment if they want it," Clinton told the crowd at an organizing event at the Iowa City Public Library in Johnson County. "It's dealing with pressures that young people and our veterans are under. So many vets are facing this."

The Democratic front-runner linked the problems of drug abuse to mental health, another issue she's been championing on the trail. Clinton also used the occasion to defend Obamacare, recently upheld by the Supreme Court.

"For heaven's sake, when are we going to start treating mental health like every other kind of health?" Clinton asked, to some of her greatest applause of the afternoon.

Clinton said she had an "opportunity to run over my agenda and contrast them with what's going on the other side of the aisle with the Republican side ... Because elections are about choices."

"Our country deserves to be moving forward, not taking a big U-turn going back to where we came from," she added.

Prior to the event, which had no more than 200 attendees, Clinton for Iowa organizers spoke to the crowd encouraging them to volunteer with the Clinton campaign and sign up for Clinton's emails and text messages.