Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump Monday of "taking pleasure" in "tormenting" a wide range of people, including rally protesters and reporters.

"Don't be fooled: There is no other Donald Trump. What you see is what you get," she said, referring to recent claims that GOP nominee is making a serious effort to become more "presidential."

"He is still the same Donald Trump who makes his shirts and his ties overseas instead of in the United States," Clinton added, continuing a line of attack on her opponent's business record. "He is the same Donald Trump who refuses to pay his bills for small businesses and working people. And, in fact, he is the same person who can be provoked by a tweet."

Clinton, who was speaking Monday at a rally held in St. Petersburg, Fla., turned her attention to more recent Trump controversies, including his ongoing fight with a Gold Star family of Muslim faith.

Trump "takes apparent pleasure in tormenting protesters at his rallies; a reporter with a tough question; even a crying baby and a Gold Star family," Clinton said.

"So just imagine Donald Trump in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. What happens when someone gets under his skin? I don't know that the United States can afford that kind of risk," she added.

Clinton's reference to Trump supposedly kicking a "crying baby" out of a rally is based on bogus reports which have already been challenged and debunked by several fact-checkers, including the Washington Post's Glen Kessler.

"Trump has been unfairly maligned here. We can see why some reporters ran with this tale, based only on the videotape, but it's good example of why everything must be checked out," he wrote.