Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has given just a handful of press conferences since she began mererly hinting that she might run for president. A few news outlets point this out occasionally, but most let her get away with it.

Meanwhile her rival, GOP nominee Donald Trump, has a reputation for being hostile toward the press because he blacklists organizations and certain reporters from his events and routinely calls out media bias. But as Politico noted last week, Clinton has been using Trump's treatment of the press as cover for her own avoidance.

"First, the Clinton press conferences and gaggles became rare," the paper wrote, "Now, the Trump campaign's foot-dragging in allowing a basic press pool — a group of reporters that share travel duty to cover public events and minimize the logistics burden on the campaign — has given Clinton cover to not institute a protective pool, which would cover the candidate's every move and ride on the campaign plane in the same way the White House press pool does and which typically begins when the candidates becomes the party's official nominee."

Even before Trump's blacklisting and complaints, Clinton was corralling reporters with ropes, like animals, to keep them from asking her tough questions.

Yet Clinton still receives undeserved love from the press. In the rare instances that she deigns to take questions, the press cheers her responses. Yeah, that really happened.

They don't press her when she is clearly lying. They lob softball questions designed to get her to attack her opponent rather than answer for her own corruption and lies. When, rarely again, a reporter tries to ask a tough questions, Clinton simply ignores it and continues smiling and waving.

This is partly because Clinton knows she can get away with it. The WikiLeaks revelations showed the Democratic National Committee worked with reporters to produce more positive articles for Clinton and Democrats. Why would Clinton speak to the those members of the press who want to do their jobs when she can choose to deal with those who merely want to play ball?

The lengths her campaign goes to protect the candidate from real questions is especially evident when she speaks at colleges and universities. Not only does she charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a short speech, but her team also suggests questions for her ahead of time.

Everything about Clinton and her campaign scream "scripted," so it's no wonder she doesn't like talking to the press. She's also learned that follow-up questions won't be necessary, as they are for Trump. When the father of the Orlando terrorist showed up at a Clinton campaign event and endorsed the candidate, a campaign statement saying "we didn't know" was all the press needed to move on from the story.

Clinton could well be elected president without ever having to answer questions that pin her down on her past actions and fabrications. This should worry everyone, not just those who plan to vote against her. What will it be like under a President Clinton? The past is prologue and there is no reason to believe that, after a career steeped in corruption, she'll suddenly go straight. Will no one call her out?