The Hillary Clinton campaign released their second Spanish language television ad in New York on Wednesday this time directly targeting Donald Trump and explaining how his policies would damage New York City's diversity.

"One hundred and eighty is the number of languages spoken by the children attending New York schools. They are attracted by a flag that doesn't represent walls, but opportunities," the ad, entitled "Una Bandera," says in Spanish while showing images of New York City school children.

The ad continues, "Enter Donald Trump — calling immigrants criminals and rapists. Hillary Clinton has been defending the rights of immigrants and everyone else. During her career she helped immigrants register to vote and provided healthcare to 8 million children. She shows us that our diversity is our biggest strength."

Although both Clinton and Trump have yet to win their party's nomination the Democratic front-runner has been using the New York primary as a stage to test out her general election attack lines. This is the third ad she's released in New York in the past week that calls out the GOP front-runner in some way.

As the April 19 primary approaches polls show Clinton leads Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders. She would also beat Trump in a general election matchup 49.6-39.0, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.